Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

SpaceOAR is mostly made of water, is biocompatible and is safely used in the body. Similar hydrogels are used as surgical sealants on the brain, spine, and eyes. SpaceOAR is cleared for use in the United States and approved in countries outside the United States.

Will I feel any pain during or after the procedure?

Your doctor will use an anesthetic to reduce or eliminate any discomfort with the procedure. Patients that have SpaceOAR hydrogel implanted typically report no prolonged discomfort after the procedure.

Will this procedure interfere with my normal activities?

You should be able to immediately resume your normal activities. Always be sure to check with your doctor for any restrictions related to the procedure and your radiation treatment.

This guide is not intended to replace professional medical care or advice. If you have any questions or need additional information about SpaceOAR System, please talk with your doctor.

Real Patients, Real Stories

There was not discomfort, no pain. I just carried on, business as usual.

– Bill, a SpaceOAR patient