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Understanding Prostate Cancer

Physician Q&A - Meet Dr. Jeffrey Kostner

Meet Dr. Geoffrey B. Kostiner, Urologist and SpaceOAR Hydrogel applier, from Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center & Tidewater Medical Center

Dr. Geoffrey Kostiner head shot.

How long have you been offering SpaceOAR Hydrogel for your prostate cancer patients?

Since October 2015

How many patients have you placed SpaceOAR Hydrogel in?

As of September 2018, over 150 patients in our Williamsburg, Virginia, office and procedure suite.

What advice do you have for a patient who has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer?

I explain to patients they do not need to feel pressured to make a treatment decision quickly and they should always feel comfortable seeking a second opinion.

What is the number one question you receive from patients after you’ve told them about SpaceOAR Hydrogel and how do you answer it?

Understandably, patients diagnosed with prostate cancer are concerned about treatment options.  It is a big decision, and sometimes I am their second opinion as they seek to understand all of their choices.  Even when I am the first physician they have talked with, they have spent a great deal of time speaking with friends and family and searching the internet for options.

The number one question the well-informed patient asks me is why aren’t all Urologists and Radiation Oncologists offering this complication-reducing, simple procedure?

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What made you choose your field of specialty?

I really enjoy the advantages that surgical urologic procedures provide my patients but I also enjoy getting to know my patients and establishing long-term meaningful relationships.  It is a matter of professional pride to me when they recommend me to their friends and family.

Where did you receive your education?

Undergraduate degree: Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Management from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Medical School degree from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado

General Surgery and Urology training at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

Post graduated training on many new procedures, including SpaceOAR Hydrogel, throughout my 17-year career.

What is one thing you want patients to know about you?

I truly enjoy patient care and I take as much time as needed with each and every person.  I want everyone to leave my office with all of their questions answered and a sense of confidence not only in my abilities, but also in their decision for treatment.

When you aren’t working, how do you like to spend your time

Family, family, family, traveling, skiing, swimming, playing with my two dogs.

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