Fred Khosravi

Fred Khosravi , MS is co-founder and managing partner at Incept LLC., a health sciences and medical development company. More specifically, Incept focuses on the unmet needs in the medical device industry and then creating valuable medical device companies from these needs. Incept has to-date, started ten companies: Confluent Surgical, Inc., Embolic Protection, Inc., MarketRx, Inc., AccessClosure, Inc., Ostial Corp., Sadra Medical, Inc., Occular Therapeutix, Inc., Hotspur, Inc., NextPlane, Inc., and Claret Medical, Inc., all of which Mr. Khosravi has served in a management and leadership role.

Previously, Mr. Khosravi served on the board of Kerberos Proximal Solutions, Inc. (acquired by FoxHollow, Inc. in 2006), a medical device company dedicated to developing an innovative mechanical thrombectomy device. He also served on the board of Advanced Stent Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Boston Scientific, Corp. in 2004), a development stage company focused on treatment of bifurcation vascular diseases. Mr. Khosravi was founder, chairman, and chief technical officer of EndoTex Interventional Systems, Inc. (acquired by Boston Scientific Corp. in 2007), a company in the carotid Stent Market.

Mr. Khosravi is either the author or co-author on over 40 issued or filed patent applications, involving unique and novel medical devices. Mr. Khosravi has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, and graduated summa cum laude obtaining a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee.

At Confluent Surgical, a biomaterials company focused on internal wound-healing solutions, Mr. Khosravi served as co-founder and chairman. He also served as co-founder and director of MarketRx. Currently, he serves as co-founder and chairman of Ostial Corp., co-founder and chairman of Sadra Medical, Inc., co-founder and director of Occular Therapeutix, Inc., co-founder and chairman of HotSpur, Inc, chairman of NextPlane, Inc., and co-founder and director of Claret Medical, Inc. Additionally, Mr. Khosravi is chairman of AccessClosure, Inc., a privately held medical device company designing products in the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular markets.

Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Fred was Engineering Manager in the initial management team at Focal, Inc. (acquired by Genzyme Biosurg Nasdaq:GZBX), responsible for its cardiovascular products.

He was also the Business Unit Manager of the Stent Business at Guidant/ACS where he led the initial design and development team of the highly successful Multilink stent. Prior to ACS (from 1986 through 1989) he held several management positions with Alcon Surgical Corp., developing pioneering small-incision intraocular lenses.