TraceIT® Hydrogel

Developing Advanced Hydrogel Products for Radiotherapy

injectable hydrogel

Augmenix has developed TraceIT Hydrogel, an injectable hydrogel that is visible under CT, cone beam, ultrasound and MR imaging. TraceIT remains in place for three months and then gradually liquefies and is absorbed in about 7 months.

TraceIT hydrogel has unique properties and is unlike any other product. Consisting of iodinated polyethylene glycol hydrogel particles, TraceIT hydrogel is easily injectable through small needles and catheters. The iodine content results in CT, CBCT and mammography visibility without artifact, while the high water content makes the hydrogel MRI and ultrasound visible.

The hydrogel particles are visible through 3 months, after which they liquefy, are absorbed and cleared in the patients urine.

TraceIT Tissue Marker was FDA Cleared on January 23, 2013.
Hydrogel Tissue marker

TraceIT Hydrogel Benefits
Easily Injectable Soft, tissue-like consistency, 25G needle compatible
No Image Artifact See surrounding tissue
Multimodality Visibility CT, CBCT, Mammography, MRI and Ultrasound visibility
Absorbability Visible for 3 months, absorbs in 7 months

TraceIT Device Assembly

Please see Instructions for Use for a complete list of potential risks, warnings and precautions.

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