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David Bock, MD


Kansas City Urology Care

(913) 341-7985

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Dr. Bock has been practicing urology in Kansas City since completing his training at the Mayo Clinic in 1991. He has special interest and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of benign prostatic enlargement, kidney stone disease, male and female urinary incontinence, and cancers of the urinary tract. Additionally, Dr. Bock has extensive experience in the field of endoscopic urologic surgery.

Dr. Bock is actively involved in a number of clinical studies in many areas of urology. He serves as principal investigator in the majority of these studies.

Dr. Bock is certified by the American Board of Urology and is licensed in both Missouri and Kansas. He is a member of the American Urological Association, the American Association of Clinical Urologists, Metropolitan Medical Society, the South Central Section of the American Urological Association, and the Kansas City Urological Society.

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