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Robert Gaston, DO

Radiation Oncologist

Radiation Medicine Associates

(405) 607-4520

Dr. Robert Gaston is a retired colonel from the U.S. Army Medical Corp who was attracted to radiation oncology due to the rapidly expanding, computer-based technology in the field.

To him, it is the best of all worlds because it brings together radiation, physics, biology, radiology and oncology with direct patient care.

Robert prides himself on using understandable terms to educate his patients about their disease, treatment process, and how modern radiotherapy is appropriate for their specific health care situation. It is deeply satisfying for Robert to watch his patients’ anxiety lessen as they feel that someone understands their particular case and needs.

Giving back to the community is important to Robert, and he does so through a church-affiliated food and material distribution program that supports people in both Oklahoma City and an adopted community in South America. He unwinds by spending time outdoors while gardening, long distance running and fishing.

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