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Associated Urological Specialists Center for Prostate Cancer

10400 SW Hwy Chicago Ridge, IL 60415 | (708) 581-7308

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Associated Urological Specialists, LLC (“AUS”) is a unified group of Urologists and related specialists committed to providing comprehensive urological care to our patients and their families. Our team of physicians and staff is fully dedicated to our collective mission, “To Deliver, The Highest Quality, Most Compassionate State-of-the-Art Urological Care Available Today”. Dedication to fulfilling our collective mission is measured and reinforced throughout the organization by referring back to a simple word guiding our daily efforts, CARE.

Patient Care is driven by the Compassion each Physician and Employee has for each patient, their families and the community.
We take pride in our successes and continually strive to improve patient care.
Our Physicians, Employees and more importantly our Patients are our greatest asset. We recognize and value patient trust and the contributions of each member of your healthcare team
Utilizing the latest technology and cutting edge treatments, we seek to address the healthcare needs and promote a better quality of life for each patient.

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