SpaceOAR Stories

Alan Wright

Alan had several encounters with prostate cancer through friends and family, and due to his family history,¬†there was a high percentage chance that he’d be encounter as well. After monitoring PSA levels for years, Alan was eventually diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Watch his story about how he faced the disease.

Harold Jones

After losing his first wife suddenly and nearly losing his second wife to a car accident, Harold Jones knew the importance of maintaining his health. Watch why he chose radiation therapy and SpaceOAR Hydrogel when he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Mike Smith

Mike is one of the 160,000 men diagnosed with prostate per year. Mike chose to move forward with radiation therapy to treat his prostate cancer with the help of Dr. Mehta, from UroPartners, Glenview. Learn why Dr. Mehta and Mike opted to use SpaceOAR hydrogel to minimize side effects of radiation treatment.

21st Century Oncology

Three years ago, Bill Nagler was diagnosed with prostate cancer. When seeking treatment, he was concerned about side effects so he met Dr. John Sylvester who introduced him to SpaceOAR hydrogel.

Munson Medical Center

1 in 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. When Michael Coffin became that 1, he went to Dr. William V. Tomlinson who suggested SpaceOAR hydrogel.

Protect Your Quality of Life During & After Prostate Cancer Treatment

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